We have a category page which may contain hundreds of thousands of posts. We want to paginate these results using cursor based pagination.

The base page may look like:


This page will have two links at the bottom:

Previous -> null

Next -> www.example.com/topic/category?before=SOME_ENCRYPTED_ALPHANUMERIC_STRING_HERE

A few pages down the lane might have these links:

Previous -> www.example.com/topic/category?after=SOME_ENCRYPTED_ALPHANUMERIC_STRING_HERE

Next -> www.example.com/topic/category?before=SOME_ENCRYPTED_ALPHANUMERIC_STRING_HERE

However, in this strategy, it would lead to a large number of links as the content moves around due to more content being generated everyday. It will also lead to duplicate content, as multiple links may point to a bucket of content that was already covered in some other URL.

Does this mean cursor based pagination cannot be used effectively for SEO ?

If yes, does exposing your API with just a page parameter a good practice ? (as it will make it very easy for anyone to crawl the data)


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This would seem to be a way to burn up your link budget and dilute your keywords for the page, so likely not a great idea.

I can't see how "exposing your API" can help with SEO - Google would not recognise how to use an API, nor would it help Google in finding your content.

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