I have set up GA & GTM to do the following:

  1. Track when an outgoing link is clicked.
  2. Track when an outgoing email address is clicked (mailto:)

Google Analytics records this as 2 separate events, for example I go onto page 'Example Page 1' and click 2 outgoing links, and 1 outgoing email address. GA summarizes for Example Page 1: 2 outgoing link clicks (1 unique event) and 1 outgoing email address click (1 unique event) - total 2 unique events. In the above scenario I would like GA to consider my actions as a single event. In other words I want GA to record the number of unique pageviews with EITHER a outgoing link click or email address click.

The overall aim is to be able to say Example Page 1 had 5000 unique page views, with 2000 of these page views including someone clicking either an outbound link or an email address.

Any ideas on how this can be achieved?

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My own opinion is that they should be kept as seperate events as they are both different types of actions.

What you could do is setup a single event goal, based on those two different event types.
Say for example the GA category for your outbound link event is Outbound Link & then the GA Category for your contact link event is Contact.
Create an Event goal configured as Category > Regular Expression > Outbound Link|Contact

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