I have previously had AdSense and Google Analytics linked, then I decided to upgrade to the latest Google Analytics 4 (formerly known as App + Web)

Under this new Analytics I have no AdSense data under my monetization tab.

enter image description here

Most suggestions online I think are outdated (or else there's something else going on), they suggest going to Admin -> Account -> Property -> PRODUCT LINKING. However when I go there there is no option for AdSense :

enter image description here

In contrast, in the old Universal Analytics there is an option for AdSense

enter image description here

So how can I link AdSense to the new Google Analytics 4?


It's my understanding that GA4 does not yet offer this functionality. GA4 is not yet totally production ready, hence why the upgrade documentation recommends installing both GA3 and GA4 together, so as to have the benefits of GA3 functionality and reporting, while learning the GA4 interface, and reporting/analysis features as it gains upgrades and improvements.

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