I write a new blog post each year regarding the previous year's market trends. I still see users accessing some of these posts even though they are a couple of years old and outdated.

Redirecting users doesn't make sense as I still want users to have access to the previous posts. Canonical doesn't totally make sense because the content isn't identical, even though the topic is the same.

I realize search engines can recognize newer content, but is there a best practice for these kinds of pages? Should I do anything to connect the content or should I assume search engines will figure it all out without my help?


Why would you not move the old content to another page, add the new content to the old page and put a link from the current to old page?

If you have sufficient years and appropriate pages it may make sense to have a second page listing links and maybe a short summary to each of the old years. On each of the old years, have links to the current year page and 'the archives" summary page.

I posit that you might take a small short term knock (but probably not even), and long term it will be beneficial as there are more trusted pages with keyword rich content feeding your main page.

  • Thanks, that's not a bad idea in general. I was just wondering how others handled this.
    – Trebor
    Nov 21 '20 at 1:33

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