On this one page of my site, https://litchfieldmagazine.com/litchfield-county-design-resource-guide/

I have hundreds of console errors that are coming from sites I have linked to in the posts displayed on the page. Security errors, iframe warning, font warnings etc.

I know what to do if these were errors on my site, but why am I getting errors about content that is not even on my site, but is on someone else's that I have just hyperlinked to?

I have never seen anything like this before.


It seems to be a new "Feature" of wordpress, if you add a full-qualified link in its own paragraph, it tries to "Embed" the link. I assume this was to simplify embedding youtube videos and the like.

To fix it, I removed the http:// from the links and made sure the link was part of another paragraph. Problem went away.

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