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What are some good resources for doing A/B testing of a website?

What (affordable) alternatives are there to Google Website Optimizer for A/B and multivariate tests?

The pro's with GWO are basically that its free and that it integrates with Google Analytics.

The cons: The relative high time cost of setting up a test.

Some alternatives I've seen so far:


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This mighty list has a selection of A/B & MVT tools:


No relationship with either the list compilers or any of the listed vendors (we have out own in-house MVT tool).


I have used GetClicky.com for this. They have the ability to set goals and have user actions trigger the goals. They also have some nice analytics.

I found this much simpler than Google's Website Optimizer.


Just AB testing you can do with the new Google Analytics Content Experiments but if you want MVT you can look on Convert.com.

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