I have a domain, andrasnovoszath.com which previously I redirected to another one bcdataanalytics.com. About a month ago I stopped the redirect and started to write posts on it as on a separate site.


Google does not index the pages, save a few early ones, and only one later one. Even more, in the search results, it shows a page from bcdataanalytics.com, that is, from the page to where I redirected this page previously.

I checked and the google search console seems to believe that the canonical page is the one I was redirecting to (even though there is no overlapping content at all):

User-declared canonical: https://andrasnovoszath.com/andrasnovoszath.com/

Google-selected canonical: https://www.bcdataanalytics.com/

I requested reindex multiple times but that did not help.

Similar issues

I reviewed this StackExchange for similar issues but most of the canonical problems were about actual duplicate content or slight variations of the same URL (e.g. translations). The closest thing I found was this but there is no solution.

Further info

I would appreciate any tips, ideas on how to approach the problem. Thanks!

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    You probably just need to wait. It can take Google a few months to get everything straight after you change your redirects. – Stephen Ostermiller Oct 9 '20 at 23:59
  • Thanks for the answer! Well, then, I just wait. Is there perhaps a way to speed up Google a bit? I am thinking about generating some links but I am not sure if that helps or if there is anything more sensible out there. – nocibambi Oct 10 '20 at 10:54

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