I have one interesting question about comment backlink. As you know, you can leave a comment in wordpress site's post. Then, you can leave a link to Name field or Comment field as below picture. comment author link

When you only leave link in the Name field, Is this link considered as a comment backlink by google bot? or Should I leave a link in the Comment field?


In general, Google does not count comment backlinks from WordPress. WordPress marks them as nofollow links, which ask Google to not pass link juice.

That said, Google has recently changed nofollow from a directive to merely a "hint", so while unlikely, it's not completely impossible that these author links could shape SEO in some way.

  • Thanks for your kind response. What I want to know is that author link without any link in comment could affect to SEO. – seo pine Oct 4 '20 at 6:33

yes google check and this comment link can impact in your seo , you can see after Next term this links added in google.com/webmaster --->links

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