I try to redirect a special URL in .htaccess, as below:

Redirect 301 /aor/%e2%80%9d https://www.example.com/outlook-repair/

But this seems does not work. I try to add quotes, as follows:

Redirect 301 "/aor/%e2%80%9d" https://www.example.com/outlook-repair/

But also not work. Why?

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Because the Redirect directive matches against the %-decoded URL-path. %e2%80%9d is a URL-encoded "closing curly quote" (U+201D: RIGHT DOUBLE QUOTATION MARK).

For example

Redirect 301 "/aor/”" https://www.example.com/outlook-repair/

You need to ensure your .htaccess file is saved with a UTF-8 encoding.


To specifically match against the %-encoded URL-path (or rather, the URL as requested by the client) then you would need to use mod_rewrite and check against THE_REQUEST server variable.

For example:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} ^[A-Z]{3,7}\s/aor/%e2%80%9d\sHTTP
RewriteRule ^aor/ https://www.example.com/outlook-repair/ [R=301,L]

THE_REQUEST server variable contains the first line of the HTTP request headers as sent from the client. eg. A string of the form:

GET /aor/%e2%80%9d HTTP/1.1

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