Supose you have a Vue application, that fetches and alters data through a REST server. So, on one hand, you have a Vue single-page app, and on the other, a server responding to an HTTP REST interface.

I do not expect the Vue application to be crawled for the contents, for the data served by the REST. But I do expect to know if I can have a good SEO to reach high places by keywords refering to the general topic of the application, just with the SEO that is attachable to a Vue application.

Thank you.

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    I've never used Vue so I'm not sure exactly how it works. Is it truly a "single page" such that the URL never changes even as you use the site, or does it use pushState to change the URL you navigate? What type of elements does it use for navigation? Does it create <a> nodes in the DOM with href attributes? Sep 14, 2020 at 11:47

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I would say: yes, it can become SEO conform. But to do so, your working effort will be much, MUCH, higher, than a page, which is done using basic paradigm of the internet.

This paradigm is URI/URL - unique ressource identifier/locator. Javascript frameworks don't use this paradigm, so to SEO your pages, you will be forced to create and maintain URIs/URLs.

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