I'm really struggling to find a solution for what seems to be a basic tracking setup in Google Analytics.

So the main target objective (Goal?) of the following Website is to generate Newsletter signups. Most of these Signups are gained by offering some valuable information in the form of a pdf document in exchange for the visitor's email address. (Lead-Magnets)

The Leadmagnet themselves are promoted through various blog articles and the traffic for these blog articles is derived by search engine optimization, social media marketing, or a combination of.

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In the first step, I wanted to determine how useful each blog article is. Therefore I set the Newsletter Signup to be a Google Analytics Goal. In the Goal evaluation though, the completion would only be counted per lead magnet URL and consequently it's not suggested how useful the corresponding articles are.

Via the "reverse goal path" feature I was able to filter all goal completions for a specific lead magnet Url. In the data for "previous step 2" and "previous step 3" I would sometimes be able to spot corresponding blog articles. Unfortunatley going throught the goal completions one by one ain't that practical.

On top of that first I would also like to evaltue the external traffic sources.

In the end it would be awesome if I could tell "5 Newsletter Signups, came from this Youtube Video" "10 Signups came from that facebook post"

Or at least "3 Newsletter Signups came from blogarticle 1" "5 Newsletter Signups came from that blogarticle 2"

How would you're tracking setup look like? Is Google Analytic Goals even the right route to take?

I'm open to anykind of feedback and highly appreciate any suggestions :-)

  • For traffic from social media, do you care much about which blog article/lead magnet is on the pathway to conversion? – Reve Aug 25 '20 at 20:33

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