• I am creating a website on localhost (WAMP) as of now.
  • I have set up the testing server
  • the new php files that I create are saved in a sub-foldor of www folder specific for my website. [ C:\wamp64\www\mysite ]
  • Though, a duplicate of the file is saved outside the folder, in the www folder as well. [ C:\wamp64\www]
  • When I edit either file, both are edited.

I am confused as to why does this happen and how does this affect my website development process(Amateur developer).

  • How is Apache configured regarding the DocumentRoot? Is C:\wamp64\www the general DocumentRoot and C:\wamp64\www\mysite is the DocumentRoot for a specific VirtualHost (site)? – Stephen Ostermiller Aug 3 '20 at 20:15
  • I am unaware of how Apache functions nor am I familiar with DocumentRoot folder. I have downloaded WAMP server in C drive which has been saved as 'wamp64'. Within it exist the 'www' folder and the 'mysite' folder (self-created) in which I save all my dreamweaver files. – Math Comorbidity Aug 4 '20 at 18:08

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