Q: Will Google's bot attempt to recrawl the pages as a result of my (re)indexing request or not?

A couple of weeks ago we had a big problem with a website and it was offline for two days.

Two weeks later and Search Console (SC) shows pages have been removed from Google's index. Those with the highest crawl rate (high performing pages). I've confirmed they are deindexed and traffic levels also evidence it in the last few days.

(Many low performing pages are still in the index. I assume because crawl rate is correspondingly low and no attempt was made to crawl them during the 2 days.)

The de-indexed pages are shown as "Crawl anomaly" when I inspect the URL in SC. "Request indexing" displays "Availability Server error (5xx)" as if SC is hanging on to a record that the 5xx error still exists.

There is no 5xx error now. The pages are back up and running just fine, and have been for two weeks. We've tested this thoroughly. They are there, they are fine.

I'm wondering if this is all down to lag time? It took 2 weeks to register an impact and it will take 2 weeks to right itself without any intervention... put another way, nothing we can do but wait?

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    It may be longer than two weeks. Google takes twice as long to put things back compared to taking them down. – Stephen Ostermiller Jul 30 at 9:48

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