I have the following peace of HTML code on my website that opens Youtube video in a popup overlayed over the site when clicked.

<div data-toggle="modal" data-target="#myYoutubeModal" onclick="showYoutubeModal('//www.youtube.com/embed/m7naJMj5XZI?enablejsapi=1');" class="col-half : pull-half : feature-image">
  <span class="video-link"></span>
  <div class="f-img-box ">
    <img class="lazy lazy-special" src="https://dewesoft.com/upload/applications/power-analyzer/dewesoft-power-analyzer-overview.jpg" style="display: block;">
    <noscript>&lt;img src="https://dewesoft.com/upload/applications/power-analyzer/dewesoft-power-analyzer-overview.jpg" /&gt;</noscript>

Once this is clicked additional HTML is generated - essentially it generates IFRAME with YT Video embed code.

Does Google sees and index this video on this page or not?

  • How is this additional HTML generated? If the video is in a modal hidden on the page it could be crawled. If the video is called via Ajax it may not... – gael Jul 7 at 12:17
  • When you say, "index this video", do you mean include it in Google's video search product? Because video content doesn't really get indexed for web search at all. Do you have a video sitemap? – Stephen Ostermiller Jul 7 at 14:07

In fact, google indexes all the urls or url-like text contained in a piece of code.

When you publish the web, try to access with lynks (or other console text based browser) and see as spider views.

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