I have a big video website. It's not in the index yet, I try to do my best for better indexing before opening and now I have a question. New videos are displayed on the main page and there's a navigation for accessing pages with an older videos. On the page with any video there's a section with related videos (without navigation). There are no videos displayed that the robot couldn't access through the main page. Furthermore, these videos a little bit changes with every page refresh. Should I add an rel="nofollow" attribute to links in this section?

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As a rule of thumb, never nofollow internal links.

Matt Cutts, Google Search engineer, said that he doesn't use nofollow on his website's category or archive pages, which are similarly dynamically generated like your related videos section is.

If one of the guys who ran Google Search didn't bother with it on his website, neither should you.

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