Since a few days ago, I have lots of web request from one or more user agents that identify themselves with Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; adscanner/)/1.0 (http://seocompany.store; spider@seocompany.store). Typically, they request the same 4 to 5 URL approximately 100 to 200 times a day only to select another set of URLs the next day.

I don't understand what this UA is doing exactly, especially given that it requests the same URL multiple times in short succession.

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That bot developer has not made any information available online publicly (as far as I can tell by searching Google), and the pattern of access you described does not show any specific intent as far as I see it.

To answer your question directly, it's not possible to know for sure what the bot is doing on your web server, but I wouldn't worry too much about it.

If it's really causing an issue, see if you can ask it to go away by using robots.txt, or just ban it by user agent (or by IP, but it shouldn't come down to that).


According to https://user-agents.net/bots/adscanner-bot the bot belongs to https://adscanner.tv/ Maybe it analyze ad topics as they seem to offer insights about market trends.

I also saw it in my logfiles. It mostly crawls my index page.

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