I submitted a sitemap of my website to Google. (japan1900.com) The sitemap : (https://japan1900.com/en/module/lgsitemaps/sitemap?fc=module&name=product_1_1) The robots.txt : https://japan1900.com/robots.txt

Sitemap seems correct, Google validated 112 links in Google Search Console after only few hours. However, if i look for my website with the following Google request : "site:japan1900.com" i see only 9 results. At this point i think it is not a question of time.

I should tell you that first time i sent the sitemap was 2 months ago and i deleted it 3 days ago and tried again. URL were validated twice but somehow never been reflected in search.

Also that i have a different website using the same architecture / sitemap and not having this issue.

What can i do to find the issue ? To me, sending the sitemap, receiving validation, would be enough to appears in Google Search, even with pretty bad ranking but appearing in "site:" search. Here something looks wrong, and i feel blocked.


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