I have a youtube video embedded on my website. How do I see how many play events happened on each day, from which sources etc?

I use Wix, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

  • Wix doesn't allow you to edit custom JavaScript into your pages. It is going to be hard to implement anything. Jun 30 '20 at 9:21
  • @StephenOstermiller I've hardly used Wix, but there are several threads, like this one that appear to suggest it is possible to add custom JavaScript? (Although maybe it's not as simple as pasting some JavaScript - might have to do it a "Wix way"?!)
    – MrWhite
    Jun 30 '20 at 12:05
  • It looks like Wix is slighly better than last time I used it. In any case, it might be able to be done through Google Tag Manager. Jun 30 '20 at 12:07

It should be doable with GTM (not got a WIX setup to test on atm).

In GTM, enable all the Built-in Video variables.

enter image description here

Create a Lookup Table Variable.

  1. For the Input Variable enter {{Video Status}}
  2. 1st table row, enter start as input and Start Playing Video as output.
    2nd table row, enter progress as input and Reached {{Video Percent}}% as output.
    3rd table row, enter complete as input and Reached Video End as output.
    enter image description here

Create Trigger: Trigger Type > Youtube Video

  1. To configure the trigger, click the Start and Complete options.
  2. For Progress select Percentages and enter 25, 50, 75 into the provided field.
  3. Under the Advanced option, select Add JavaScript API support to all YouTube videos.
  4. Enable this trigger on: DOM Ready (gtm.dom).
  5. This trigger fires on: All Videos
    enter image description here

Create Univ. GA Event Tag
Track type > Event Event Category > Youtube
Event Action > {{Lookup - Video Status}}
Event Label > {{Video Title}} - {{Video URL}}
Attach the Youtube trigger created in previous steps
enter image description here

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