I am a contributor on a blog (WordPress based) and I have a profile page there, where I've put a short bio and a link to my personal website.

On that profile page, there are links to "monthly archive" pages, which show the posts that I've made on each month, every year. These pages display the same text (and link) from the profile page.

Google has started indexing those, so, as of today, I have five linking pages from that blog on Search Console: the profile page and some of the monthly archive pages. Example:

  • example.com/author/my-name (profile page)
  • example.com/author/my-name/?m=202005 (May 2020 page)
  • example.com/author/my-name/?m=202003 (March 2020 page) ... And so on.

Will this be considered link spamming? Should I remove that link from my profile, or at least add a "nofollow" to it?

Thanks in advance!


I wouldn't bother with it as of now. It should be able to take care of itself. The key here is the ?m=202005 it is query string and usually this will be dropped in sometime.

If after some days you see any negative effect of it then just stop that feature (If you have rights to do that) otherwise in end you have option open to remove that link from there. But as of now I would not remove it. Because a backlink is a backlink (If coming from a good source)

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  • There has been no negative effects so far. Thank you for your answer! – Vitae Jul 3 at 15:06

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