I am trying to set {mydomain}/forum to be the default URL that people are brought to when they go to {mydomain}. I have this working, as in my .htaccess I wrote DirectoryIndex index.php?route=/forum/ (this is the less simplified version of /forum, both work. just putting "forum" didn't work so I replaced it with this). The problem is that it doesn't redirect them to /forum, it just keeps them on /. It shows the right page, but doesn't have /forum in the URL.

How can I fix this?

  • Redirecting away from the root URL isn't common practice because it doesn't look good. Why do you want to do it? – Stephen Ostermiller Jun 26 '20 at 21:49
  • Is /forum a physical subdirectory? Do you have any other directives or any other .htaccess files? – MrWhite Jun 26 '20 at 21:52
  • @StephenOstermiller the problem is if they go to the website, they see {mydomain}. then if they go somewhere else and then click the link to Forum, they see {mydomain}/forum. i don't like that the same page can show two URLs like that – Jaoowp Jun 26 '20 at 21:58
  • I would choose the simpler URL as the canonical and eliminate the /forum URL instead. – Stephen Ostermiller Jun 26 '20 at 22:03
  • @StephenOstermiller I am using a forum builder and to be honest I'm not really sure how, other than adding a header(Location:{mydomain}); perhaps. – Jaoowp Jun 26 '20 at 22:27

I don't normally like to redirect away from the root but if that is your goal try this.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^$ /forum [L]

This Question on StackOverflow should get you what you need.

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