We sell products online using Shopify and I have a question related to internal linking.

We have several "Collections" and all of these collections have product overlap. For example, we have collection/all, collection/men, and collection/women.

In each collection, we have SKUs overlapping:

  • All: SKU 1, SKU 2, SKU 3
  • Men: SKU 2, SKU 3
  • Women: SKU 1, SKU 2

What I think is becoming a problem for SEO is that when you click on each SKU, it brings you to a different page based on where we have it linked. So for example, SKU 2 in the example above will have 3 different URLs:

We do have canonical on these different variations, but I'm wondering if having different links pointing to these different pages will impact our SEO efforts. In some cases, our blog posts are pointing to the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd product URL. Would always pointing it to one URL help SEO or is how it's currently structured fine?

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