I have search to find a clear answer about the pagination for category pages but I can’t understand the reason to index category paginated pages. Based on my research, most of the SEO experts, after the google algo change they advise to index category paginated pages

If we see the noindex there for longer than we think this this page really doesn’t want to be used in search so we will remove it completely. And then we won’t follow the links anyway. So, in noindex and follow is essentially kind of the same as a noindex, nofollow.”

On my mind I have the following :

First of all, we need a path to all content in root paginated pages. If any url parameter appeared then excluded with tag noindex

domain.com <-- index, follow, canonical = “domain.com”

domain.com?pg=2 <-- index, follow, canonical = “domain.com?pg=2”

domain.com?pg=2&order=1 <-- noindex, follow, nocanonical

With this way google can find and index all content and we help google to focus in the content that have value for users.

The category pages use the same content but filter the results. So, we can only keep the first page from category pages where actually have value for customers.

domain.com/category/ <-- indexed, follow, canonical = “domain.com/category/”

domain.com/category/?pg=2 <-- noindex, follow, nocanonical

domain.com/category/?pg=2&order=1 <-- noindex, follow, nocanonical

We know that google after some time, will treat the noindex, follow as noindex, nofollow but he can find and update all content from the chain at homepage

Is something wrong with this solution? Every help is appreciated.

Thank you in advanced

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