I have created one website (www.example.com). Which shows details of registered real estate projects in India country. Every projects is located at particular geo location so page related to project performs well in near by areas, cities and region (State) and google organic traffic is being generated from users around locations of project.

I am adding new projects pages in phase by phase for each state in India.

First I have taken Gujarat State of India. This taken around 1 year to add projects(Around 7000) of Gujarat state under (https://www.example.com/Gujarat/) and Pages for this state are working well and people are visiting pages through google organic traffic.

Now I have added project pages for another state Maharastra of India under (https://www.example.com/Maharashtra/). I have added round 15000 project pages and working on this since around 2 months but google organic traffic is not generating for pages related to this state.

I tried sitemap submission, individual page submission to search console and social media marketing of pages. Traffic of Maharashstra state was same as before adding new pages related to this state.

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