We are hosting more than 200 websites/users on the lighttpd web server. When we keep all the socket connection open/active, the memory consumption is very high. We want to create the socket, on demand when there is a request. How can we do it ?

I am trying to connect test user through this socket ( /etc/my-project/fastcgi/test.socket ), If this socket is killed or not existing, then we get 503 error.

Lighttpd user config file,

$HTTP["host"] =~ "8484" {
$HTTP["cookie"] =~ "test" {
fastcgi.server = (
".php" => (
"localhost" => (
"socket" => "/etc/my-project/fastcgi/test.socket",
"max-procs" => 2,
"bin-copy-environment" => (

This is example config file.

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See the documentation for "min-procs" "min-procs" => 0 is an option.


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