I'll describe my problem.

I have site A1, and the URL 1: https://example1.com/link

I also have another site A2, and the URL 2: https://example2.com/link. This webpage has a canonical URL point to the URL 1: https://example1.com/link by using link tag:

// source code "https://example2.com/link"

<link rel="canonical" href="https://example1.com/link" />

Now, suppose the URL 2 is shared many times as backlinks. So which URL will benefit in SEO?

  • When you say another site what do you mean? Is the content exactly the same? do they look like the same site? Do they look like different sites? Why do you have two sites one of which is the canonical of the other? – Stephen Ostermiller Jun 16 at 19:53

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