I'm setting up G Suite and I'm adding its MX records to my DNS settings.

Here are my current DNS records (default from my host provider):

enter image description here

I will delete the MX 10 record and add the ones from G Suite, right?

But should I delete any of CNAME records? Liek SMTP, or mail, or webmail? There are from my host provider, when I first registered the domain.

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You don't need to delete those. They are aliases i.e. if someone uses smtp.example.com or any of those others, then that URL resolves to example.com. For example, if you were using IMAP or SMTP to mail hosted on your own server the you might have mail.example.com as the host. But you don't need that any longer.

If you have changed your MX records to GSuite then these DNS records simply won't work, but it is unlikely they are going to be used so it is no drama to delete them or leave them.

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