We have been happily using Zoho as an email provider for years, but recently we noticed we we're getting a lot of emails being bounced as "blocked" at our client's ends. After investigating it seem that a bank of Zoho's outgoing mail servers have been blacklisted as they had been "associated with a spam campaign".

We have contacted our clients and they are liaising with their mail providers to have this reversed, but we know this could take a while. We have been asked, therefore, by our department head, to see if we can setup our own SMTP server for outgoing mail to get back up and running quickly.

I've got this set up and working, save for the SPF record. Emails are getting through currently but flagged as emails are coming from our domain example.com rather than a Zoho address.

The SPF record for example.com is currently: v=spf1 include:zoho.eu ~all

I have tried adding example.com as a second include: v=spf1 include:example.com include:zoho.eu ~all, but this is creating a recursive loop (example.com goes to example.com goes to example.com etc, etc).

How do I correctly format the SPF record to allow emails sent from our own SMTP server to pass validation?

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