Can any one help me by clarifying the differences between DOMAIN NAME formats according to Google search engines and SEO perspective:

  1. example.com
  2. ex-ample.com
  3. example-eg.com
  4. egypt.example.com
  5. example.eg
  6. example.com.eg

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All of the .com (gTLD) and .com "subdomain" domains are treated similarly in the Google search engine. By default they don't target any country in particular. You can set a gTLD to target a specific country by using Google's International Targeting report tool.

Do note that if you use a subdomain, Google may treat your website as being "part of the same website" as the main domain.

In contrast, the .eg and .com.eg (ccTLD) domain extensions hint to Google that the website should target users in Egypt. With a ccTLD like .eg, "it is already associated with a geographic region" and "you won't be able to specify a geographic location." So, you'll be stuck targeting users in Egypt.

  • "stuck targeting users in Egypt", but also potentially ranking much better within Egypt than with a .com. May 29, 2020 at 7:05

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