I am assisting an retailer obtain and install an extended validation (EV) SSL certificate for their online shop. After a week of back and forth paperwork with the CA, I wonder whether it's worth the time and expense of getting one.

CAs, of course, claim it makes your site more trustworthy. There are numerous articles, however, arguing users can't tell the difference and don't care. Moreover, most modern browsers no longer make a visual distinction between EV and standard certificates.

Clearly, EV certificates lost the clout it once had, but I wonder if Google's ranking algorithm still gives it a higher weight. I suspect it's at least a small factor for smaller online retailers, but less, or none at all, for those that have been "prevalidated" by the virtue of buying Google Ads.


I've never heard any mention from Google that EV certs affect ranking compared to DV certs, and the only material I can find about it online is people who also say that Google has never mentioned this, and people who are speculatively guessing one way or the other.

So here's my own speculative guess: I would be incredibly surprised, if after Google stopped treating EV and DV certificates differently in the Chrome address bar, that they still treat them differently in their ranking algorithm. That is, if they ever ranked EV and DV sites differently in the first place.

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    I would be surprised too, the world (except CAs) seems to go slowly out of the EV thing that is basically a failure (look at all major websites: very few use EV certificates). – Patrick Mevzek May 23 '20 at 0:20
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