I am trying to improve my website's SEO by getting our results to appear in the Knowledge Graph. The challenge I am having is that the website is for a product sold by a sub-brand of a larger organisation. What would be the best way to categorise this in Schema markup? Currently it is not appearing by using the sub-brand name in "Organization","name".

For example, what would the website markup be for PlayStation being part of the larger organisation of Sony? Are there defined categories for this in Schema?

  • I don't think that Google uses schema markup as a data source for knowledge panels anymore. To get a knowledge panel for your organization you need to have a profile on a site that Google trusts for that data. Google uses sources like Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Reuters, and Bloomberg. See searchengineland.com/… Commented Aug 29, 2021 at 22:35

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The subOrganization property is probably what you need, for example:

<div itemscope itemtype="https://schema.org/Organization">
    <div itemprop="name">Sony</div>
    <div itemprop="subOrganization" itemscope itemtype="https://schema.org/Organization">
        <div itemprop="name">PlayStation</div>
  • This can then go on both playstation.com and sony.com. I would however add all of the pertinent details to the subOrganization itemtype that one would normally add to the Organization itemtype, e.g. URL, @ID, even physical address details concerning Playstation's headquarters.
    – I Capulet
    Commented May 31, 2020 at 20:50

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