I bought my domain almost 10 years ago, just changed hosts and nameservers and figured it's time to update my website using more modern tech (I am keeping the design which I like).

First thing I am looking at is changing the directory structure. Currently I have all the html files in my root directory. I have a sub for css files, sub for images, sub for files to download etc...

I have 8 programs I have written over the years and was thinking something like... Change over to using php to create the pages since the layout is the same and I can use code to protect the site/pages with php which won't work with html..

Root contains index.php to build main page, my honeypot trap, and a handful of other files. Sub of root for program 1 with index.php Sub of program 1 for its images Should I add another sub for any download files for the program, or keep then in a root sub for all downloads?

I would continue this structure for the rest of the programs.

Yes, I would create redirects in apache for the old paths. Would this be fine? There are different opinions on the net.

I currently use relative urls, should I change to absolute?

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