here's the question. In this sense, it is not keyword stuffing in the URL if it is mentioned once as slug and category.

It would be more user friendly to have a short URL but it is questionable which could have a better impact on SEO even if it is minimal.


More user-friendly:

Users would rather look for burning eyes than eyes burning.

The search volume is
Burning eyes 2900
Eyes burning 2300

What would be your recommendation and why?

Thanks in forward :)

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Slug URLs are a minor ranking factor search engines use when determining a particular page or resource's relevance to a search query. So URLs will give low impact in the ranking. It's just used to identify web pages in a form that is easy to read for the end-user.

In my opinion, you should use slug like your page title, so if your page title burning eyes so your slug also should burning-eyes. But as I said before, it's only giving low impact, don't consider too deeply.

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