The whole content of the website is running on HTTPS and WWW, while Google Search Console is reporting discovering URLs in the sitemap.xml only without https and www. However, there are no pages listed in the siteap that don't have HTTPS and WWW.

Sitemap.xml file is including about 50 sub-sitemap files of 40.000 links each and they're being accepted by Google Console if entered manually.

Why is Google not picking up on the redirection of sitemap files? Is there somewhere in search console that this is being configured?

HTTPS and WWW Sitemap index showing 0 discovered URLS:

HTTPS and WWW sitemaps work when submitted individually:

HTTP and no-WWW sitemap index shows full discovered URL count:

Only the sitemap index is submitted under HTTP and no-WWW:

  • Redirect configuration depends on your web server and/or hosting setup May 13 '20 at 22:11
  • The server is running on Nginx and I guess it might be related to the difference in amount of keys - certificate provider is providing 3 keys (1 - key, 2 - certificate, 3- certificate of authenticating center) while Nginx is using only 2 for configuration. SSL works fine in general, so no answer for the moment.
    – igi
    May 14 '20 at 12:43
  • You had tagged this "SEO" but XML sitemaps have almost no bearing on SEO. At best, they can get Googlebot to crawl the URLs listed in them and choose those URLs at the canonical. However, unless your site has links to each of those pages, Google will usually choose not to index them. Even if they do get indexed, they won't be able to rank well. For SEO, sitemaps are a bit of a red herring. It is far better to link your pages than to use XML sitemaps. See The Sitemap Paradox May 15 '20 at 13:38
  • How long ago did you redirect your site to HTTPS? When you submit a sitemap index it takes Google several months to display a discovered URL count other than zero. My guess is that you just haven't waited several months. See: Google says my sitemap index was “processed successfully”, yet “total discovered URLs” is 0 May 15 '20 at 13:44
  • The HTTPS is enable since long ago, about 2-3 years at least and the coverage was growing rapidly, reaching about 700K indexed pages. About 4-5 month we were cleaning w3 validator errors and then something happened to the the Sitemap.xml - it became unreadable by Google. For the moment the coverage is at 350K valid pages. By mistake a canonical was used in the href code, although there are no double pages. Several days ago HREFLANG and the ALTERNATE language was relocated to the sub-sitemaps, to see it works this way. So far, by downloading sitemap in Screaming Frog I see that it doen't
    – igi
    May 15 '20 at 19:12

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