How can I use selector based cache flushing in Adobe Experience Manager?

  • http://example.com/content/myapp/us/en.child1.xml
  • http://example.com/content/myapp/us/en.child2.xml

Lets say,we have xml's cached under the folder as


I need to provide selector based caching, that is to flush en.child1.xml only and should not flush en.child2.xml when the request for flush happens for /content/myapp/us/en.child1.xml I've tried dispatcher flush invalidation through HTTP call like:

GET http://mydispatcher/dispatcher/invalidate.cache
CQ-Action Activate
CQ-Handle /content/myapp/us/en.child1.xml
Content-Type Application/xml

But,all files under us folder(i.e. all selector for en page) get invalidated. How can I invalidate just en.child1.xml?


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Just posting the answer if it can be useful for anyone else, after some research, I got this working with CQ-Action Delete.

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    Can you add any details? How is this feature used? Can you link to the documentation? Commented May 11, 2020 at 18:04

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