I'm thinking to register a .in domain through Namecheap, but when I tried to add Whoisguard to the domain name before registering it, I ran into the error message "This domain does not support privacy protection." This makes sense, since .in domains may not use any proxy or privacy services provided by registrars. The required WHOIS information to register the domain would include first name, last name, address line, city, ZIP/postal code, country, phone number, and email address.

I would rather not put all of my identifying information online, so I was curious what domains like linked.in do. I looked up several .in domains using this .in WHOIS lookup tool, including linked.in, google.co.in, amazon.in, and some smaller personal domains I could find. I couldn't see any personal info in the WHOIS results; every query had mostly blank personal info fields and the registrant email field said "Please contact the Registrar listed above" for each domain. So, if I register a .in domain, will my personal info be available via WHOIS lookup or will it be masked like the ones I checked? Thank you.

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I can't say for sure; you would have to ask your desired registrar since different registrars mask information differently.
However, I believe that most will mask most information from public searches due to GDPR which took effect in 2018.

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