I have two domains, dom0.example and dom1.example. The nameservers of dom0.example are set to my webhosting on Bluehost.

Now I have a second website under sub.dom0.example. I want dom1.example to pointing to sub.dom0.example (on the same webhosting but in a subfolder), but with keeping dom1.example as the URL. Also, I would like that sub.dom0.example redirects to dom1.example, such that I don't see the subdomain in the URL.

My webhoster is bluehost and it's a shared hosting. It has its own management system and a cPanel section for "advanced" options, yet the cPanel is missing some options which I've seen in other ones, such as the domain part. My hosted offers add-on domains in the domain section of the general management system, but not for the basic plan (which I have). I had a same situation some years ago (same hoster) and I could solve it without opting for the more expensive plan, but I can not figure out how I did it back then.

  • Have you tried using CNAME records in DNS? Set one up with dom1.example CNAME => sub.dom0.example – Steve Apr 29 at 0:56
  • You could potentially solve this by configuring a reverse proxy - but this wouldn't necessarily be possible on a shared host, as you really need access to the server config to set this up properly. (?) – DocRoot Apr 29 at 14:29

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