We have a website with more than 200 pages. All 200 pages URLs will be shown like these sample URLs:


95% of the main & inner content of the all pages will be same. The URL, page title, h1 heading tag and population are different in all 200 pages. But the remaining 95% of the content is the same. Is that any problem?

Does Google consider these kind of pages are duplicate? I am confused. Because, all of the pages have 95% same content, main contents (5%) are different only. Is google penalize these kind of sites in SERP?

These below mentioned keywords will be different in all 200 pages.

  • URL (www.example.com/newzealand/population/)
  • Page title (New Zealand Population Information)
  • H1 heading tag (New Zealand Population)
  • Population number (45,067,056) in every page

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You don't have to over-worry. In my experience, some sites have almost 98% same contents of pages, different keywords. These sites gets top ranking in SERPs. Instead your site ranking time can be somewhat long than usual.

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