I am looking at the generated HTML in my react-native-web web application and the volume of HTML is huge.

The whole application is build with <div /> and there are some role attribute such as role="navigation" in many places.

  • This is what makes me ask, can SEO today solve the problem to have good indexation in Google for react-native web application?
  • If not, how can I improve the components of a native application in order to have a normal SEO potential? (Example: wrapping the react-native components in <nav/>, <header /> and increasing the Platform.OS === 'web' and .web.js custom code)

I was not able to find any resource about that matter, resources that talk about it would be much appreciated.

  • To me, you are touching on a whole issue I have with React and similar frameworks/libraries/etc. Some have lost touch with the fundamentals as these things have created their own version of HTML and CSS. Many no longer understand how basic elements and their properties work. They can no longer edit them to do what they want and rely on other people's code--and Stack Overflow--to fix their problems. – Rob Jul 8 at 12:58

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