I am struggling to implement JSON-LD script to the particular scope of elements - column consisting of title, image and text block (description) which is about the destination for which we provide bus transportation services.

I am using WP Fusion Builder (Avada theme) and it's not easy to apply microdata due to lack of opportunity to edit <div>, even from default WP builder. Website consists of builder elements.

Because of this I would like to use JSON-LD instead to mark the places to which we provide service - busTrip.

I would like to set it in such a way that the whole one column from builder (<div>) will refer to the one of bus trips which we provide.

That's the script:

{"@context": "schema.org", "@type": "BusTrip", "busName": "XYZ", "itinerary":{"@type": "City", "name": "XYZ", "url": "https://example.com"} }

Is there any proper way of implementing json-ld in this particular case?

I bet 99% this is not the proper way of adding json schema in this case but nothing else comes to my mind.

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