One can submit a removal request in the Google search console associated to one's web app.

Moreover, there's an option to provide a url pattern as well (instead of just a specific url). This allows a web master to remove multiple urls via a single entry. This is called Remove all URLs with this prefix in the search console.

So for instance, if a dynamic website has 10,000 urls of the sort example.com/user/john-doe1, example.com/user/john-doe2, example.com/user/john-doe3, .... and so one, the webmaster can use the aforementioned option to remove all 10,000 urls via simply submitting example.com/user/ and selecting Remove all URLs with this prefix.

The question:

However, what if a dynamic website has a large pool of urls of the sort example.com/john-doe1/profile, example.com/john-doe2/profile, example.com/john-doe3/profile, ... and so on. How can this large pool be removed via the search console? Is there currently no way to do this in bulk?

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I don't think you can currently. Using example.com/john-doe1/profile, example.com/john-doe2/profile would remove all the search results inside the directory 'profile' but that something I think you're not looking for.

On the side note, may be you wanna try changing your site structure from example.com/john-doe1/profile to example.com/profile/john-doe1? and then try using the removals prefix tool for example.com/profile/. This way all the search results under profiles should get removed.

An interesting read https://support.google.com/webmasters/thread/53799332?hl=en

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