I want to add second language to my website. Now my search console properties are like below:





I have concern if I add second language like: https://mywebsite.com/en as a sub directory, then its data sum up with top level property. I do not want this. (I think this will happen if I add another language on subdirectory, If not I have no concern about it. )

for example,

If I had 2000 visit for https://mywebsite.com ,

and 1500 visit for new language on /en ,

I don't want to see 3500 visit on https://mywebsite.com.

I want to see each language data separately but my main directory is not in English and I did not use any any language name for it. I home I explained enough my concern.

The only way I found was to move all language in its folder.




But this way is not suitable for me.

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