On my current website, can I promote a link for my new website which has completely different content?

For example, I want to add this type of promotion on the front page, profile pages, post pages, and tag pages:

enter image description here

Will Google penalize my current website or not?

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Yes, you can promote your own websites on other websites you own. Google would never penalize you for this. In fact, big sites do this all the time when they have a network of sites that go over various categories. For example, thebump.com has this promotion in their footer on all pages and at all times:

enter image description here

This would only become a concern if you started to create what is referred to as a PBN (private blog network). This would be a big network of sites that you own that link to each other in the hopes of improving your backlink profile.

  • for that link i can use nofollow for google not read like PBN? Commented May 7, 2020 at 6:37
  • Yeah, you can certainly do that to be extra safe.
    – mbrailov
    Commented May 8, 2020 at 7:12

Why should he do so?

It is a normal behaviour, so there woud be no penalty.

If you want to improve your other website link profile, try these:

  1. get links from domains hosted on IP addresses other it’s own (host them on separate servers if possible)
  2. get links from a textual context
  3. do not link just to homepage
  4. choose a good link text
  5. try link text relevant and similar to linked page’s title and url (slug)

Google will not penalise your websites since the link is natural and that you are not breaking the official Google Webmaster Guidelines.

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