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I'm a server-side dev dabbling in SEO. I maintain a social web application where users submit interesting images (mostly memes, motivational quotes, poetry and nature photography). A ranked feed shows the best ones in list format.

I read that descriptive image names and alt tags are critical for image SEO (i.e. ranking highly in image search). To enable this, I analyze each image submitted on my web app and deduce its content.

For instance, if it's a meme related to the current social distancing guidelines, I'll set the image's alt tag to social distancing meme. Moreover, I'll name the image social-distancing-meme-0f90a543-a77a-4b54-a0e3-7f5e17963891.jpg. Lastly, I'll list the said image's webpage in a sitemap, which is available for Google et al.

Note that the image name created above contains a uuid (in addition to the words social-distancing-meme).

Why? Because tons of social distancing memes are submitted to the web app. I need to give them all distinct names. Appending a uuid to the image name guarantees uniqueness.

The question:

Now my question is: is image SEO going to take a hit because of an image naming scheme such as this? What's the best practice to follow for a case like mine?

I'm looking for an opinion regarding how industry experts would have tackled image SEO for a social app like mine. Thanks in advance.

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