I am creating sitemaps using Google Search Console and we are exploring an option of creating txt sitemaps. There are many sitemaps so using a sitemaps index file is basically a requirement but I didn't find the way of doing that in the sitemap protocol and Google SCH.

I tried building txt sitemaps index file akin to the txt sitemaps:


but Google SC treats this file as a sitemap and doesn't detect the linked sitemap file and its urls.

Is it possible to create txt sitemaps index file?

  • How many of them do you have? If it isn't too many, one solution could be just to list each txt file in robots.txt individually – Stephen Ostermiller Mar 26 at 14:23
  • I don't know if it would work, but another thing to try might be an XML sitemap index that points to the individual text sitemaps. – Stephen Ostermiller Mar 26 at 14:25
  • Hard to tell, the data which is used to create links is dynamic, in the range from 400 to >1000. Speaking of xml sitemap index file, I am aware of this possibility: having xml index to refer the sitemaps though I didn't test it yet and don't know if it'll work. – improbable Mar 26 at 14:37
  • Even 400 sitemap links it too many to put in robots.txt. If you do end up testing the XML index, please report here whether or not it works. Hopefully somebody here has some experience they can share with you, but I don't guarantee it. – Stephen Ostermiller Mar 26 at 14:46
  • Usualy use XML format to validate sitemaps in search console. For example: http://www.example.com/sitemaps.xml – Cak Sup Mar 26 at 16:37

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