Website Pricing Page One Section's Content will repeat over 16 times on same page.

Those content connected with variables, variable generated value will change but the content should not be just repeat.

URL remain unchanged.

I am curious about will it count as duplicate content in same page?

Content will repeat over 16 time depends on variables.

will it affect SEO...


Probably yes.

If your content (the html output which will be read by searchengines and users) is repeating over and over, it smells like low quality content if there is not much more unique content on the same page. It will hurt your page SEO.

If you have a ton of those pages, it will also hurt your site SEO.

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  • Don't have ton of pages. only one single page has this issue. – Mourin Mar 10 at 6:30
  • Then go for it if it is necessary for a good user experience :-) – Alex Mar 10 at 7:27

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