I'm implementing structured data for a company that provides courses. It's a for profit company and the courses are implemented as schema Product.

However, in google search console I'm getting a warning "No global identifier provided (e.g., gtin, mpn, isbn)" which doesn't exist for Course.

Should I be using Course instead of Product?

If yes, how would I go around to making sure the price still appears in the google search?

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Check the following Google requirement for structured data:


Your structured data should be a true representation of the page content.

Therefore, it may be useful to use a top-level type such as Course for web pages representing a course.

In order to add a commercial element to your course markup, you can use the property offers of the type Course and embed markup for the type Offer with commercial data for each of your courses.

It may also be useful to check the Google guide for the type Course.

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