I checked out this article https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/removing-product-product-category-or-shop-from-the-urls/ which explains that it is not good to remove the product and category bases from the url because it will impact performance.

Instead of this, I did the following:

  1. In woocommerce I did not set any page for the shop url so my shop page is considered the homepage

  2. I have a custom made example.com/shop/ as a page , which exports my design and products

  3. In the permalink settings i have set the following:
    • Product category base: shop
    • product permalink: /shop/%product_cat%/

So in this way my links became the following: categories: example.com/shop/category-name products: example.com/shop/category-name/product name

I am satisfied with the "look" of this url structured because it makes sens to me and to a customer. the /shop/ page is crawlable too (as opposed to a normal prefix that does not exist ) because I created it and displays the products too.

However the category pages now give a 404 error message, but the product pages work. If anyone has a good recommendation on how to fix this issue that will not affect performance. I am not entirely sure what kind of performance impact will it have if I remove the prefixes as explained in the woocommerce article I linked. Is there a good fix to this?

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