I have an account at rsync.net and am trying to point WHM "rsync" backups to it.

Obviously "rsync.net" has rsync installed, and they also have a small list of common UNIX commands in their environment:


... but when I run my WHM rsync backup it errors out with:

Unable to send ... to destination rsync.net ...

... and there is no other information or error.

I think the problem is that WHM backup is not just running rsync, it is running one or more other commands, remotely, over SSH - like this:

ssh user@host ls -asl what/ever

... and one or more of those commands is not present in the rsync.net environment.

They have said they would consider adding the missing commands if I could identify what they are - does anyone know what UNIX commands WHM runs, remotely over SSH, when it performs an rsync backup ?

For instance, if you check the "minimum free disk space" checkbox, I assume it would have to try running df on the remote system ?

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