my client has an old site that cannot be reached. it was registered by a company that is out of business for at least four years, and the host and registrar will not allow the business owner to even attempt to prove his ownership.
we set up a new site, but the old site is still there and there are still people calling the old number.

are there any acceptable ways to help push the new site as a search result in preference to the old? i cannot set up a 301, but the new site has a business listing, is linked by local CoC and the BBB, has tags for products, services, local businesses, is responsive, has analytics, bing, and search console linkages but i am hoping to do more...

  • Doing what you are doing is the best way to eventually win this "race" but yes, while the old website is still online, you will be competing with it (and depending on how much "trust factors" it has accumulated, it might be a losing race for you. I would probably try to go the legal route, which might be worth the trouble. – Andre Guelmann Feb 19 at 13:02

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