I'm setting up MediaWiki on an Ubuntu 18.04 server. After installing the mediawiki package I went to web installer and got to the "Connect to database" step. I'm using the following settings:

  • Database host: localhost
  • Database name: testwiki
  • Database table prefix:
  • Database username: root
  • Database password: fubar

I can SSH into the server, and I used mysqladmin -u root password to set the root password to fubar. I can log into MariaDB using mysql -u root -p and inputting fubar when prompted. I can see that MariaDB is running properly using service mysql status.

However, when I try to progress through the MediaWiki installer, I get the following error:

DB connection error: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (localhost).

Check the host, username and password and try again.

What do I need to change here? The password entered in the web installer matches the root password used to log into the database.


Seems you are required to create the testwiki database manually, as well as a testadmin user with its own password, then manually give testadmin permissions on testwiki. Doing that solved the problem.

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